Nfusz Inc. (OTCMKTS: FUSZ) Signs Strategic Partnerships In Pursuit Of Revenues


Nfusz Inc. (OTCMKTS: FUSZ) Signs Strategic Partnerships In Pursuit Of Revenues

After an impressive start to the New Year, Nfusz Inc. (OTCMKTS: FUSZ) has pulled back, in what appears to be a minor correction pending further movement on the upside. However, a 30% pullback from record highs continues to elicit mixed reactions on the next direction of trade for the stock.

NFusz is currently trading at the $1.54 handle. Given the recent bear run, the stock remains susceptible to further declines especially on falling and closing below the $1.20 handle. On the upside, the stock needs to rise and close above the $1.8 handle, to have any chance of bouncing back to the top.

NFusz casts itself as a developer and licensee of interactive video technology under the Notifi band. The company also offers cloud-based software-as-a-service, customer relationship management solutions as well as social engagement software engagement solution under various platforms.

Recent Development

Service Quest Strategic Partnership

The digital technology company recently entered into a strategic partnership with Service Quest, a direct selling management consulting firm that has helped launch over 600 direct sales organization around the world.

Under the terms of the agreement, Service Quest will assist nFusz in the marketing of its interactive video sales tool notifiCRM to new and existing sales organization.

“Every direct selling organization out there will benefit by utilizing notifiCRM,” states Terrel Transtrum, CEO, and Founder of Service Quest. “We’ve already introduced nFusz’ notifiCRM platform to many of our clients, whose reaction was as excited as we are. We look forward to continuing this partnership,” continues Mr. Transtrum.

Service Quest is the ideal partner as nFusz seeks to expand the footprint of its sales solution in the networking marketing sector.

Streamline Results Deal

The signing of the strategic partnership came just days after the signing of a similar deal with Streamline Results. The California based company is to offer nFusz’s interactive video CRM notifiCRM to over 1,000 clients as part of the deal.


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