What’s Boosting Zerez Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ZRZH) Shares These Days

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Zerez Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ZRZH) shares were up 29.09% to $0.0213 on Wednesday and flat in after-hours trading. The company has a market cap of $5.2 million. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.00 to $0.05.

Zerez Holdings Inc is a company comprised of business professionals with a focus on the future of business, by providing information and services that offer alternative strategies for every business sector, offering liquidity through asset based infrastructure and senior level support. Its team of experts serve each client through comprehensive strategies designed to incorporate a multitude of business platforms and sectors,  allowing the client to maintain ongoing operations by securing growth capital through the incubation period, designed to maintain a strong presence in their specific market sectors. This process is enhanced by several initiatives secured as subsidiaries of a parent company.

In this week’s press release, Zerez Holdings Inc announced that its subsidiary Next Generation Farming Inc, has completed delivery of another advanced turnkey greenhouse system to a Northern California client. This deal amounted to approximately $181,000 for a facility that will be used for both organic farming and legal cannabis cultivation.

We are very excited that we have completed our next sale. We continue to refine and streamline our internal processes with each installation which will decrease overall project timelines, and improve profitability through efficiency. One of the keys to our early success is consistent communication with our clients and with our various manufacturers. This gives our crew and the customer a predictable timeline, which on a large turnkey project is critical to getting operational and generating return on the client’s investment as soon as possible,” said Zerez Holdings Inc President John Taylor.

This follows the company’s strategic co-marketing and sales agreement with Sweet Leaf Hydroponics for Next Gen’s smart greenhouse technology earlier this month. This deal is valued at over $1 million in Northern California revenues for fiscal year 2017.

The company continues to gain awareness, and each time we demonstrate performance and deliver a real brick and mortar completed sale and/or installation, it reinforces our credibility as the experienced company to work with if you are serious about smart technology automated greenhouses for organic food production or cannabis cultivation,” remarked Zerez Holdings Inc Vice President Don Smith on Money TV.

Taylor added that the deal with Sweet Leaf Hydro is strategic to both companies’ growth in the explosive organic farming and cannabis marketplace as their advanced automated greenhouse line of products, proprietary automation systems and various accessories needed key strategic partners to fully implement our business plan to dominate the west coast in brand recognition.

As a result, we sought out Jay DeSalvatore, and Sweet Leaf Hydroponics, the most capable, most reputable company in the California Central Valley to work with us. They have a proven track record of turnkey sales capabilities that services thousands of clients and annual revenues of several million dollars. That stability and customer loyalty is exactly the kind of partner we want to help us expand our business and maintain the quality standards that we have set for our company,” Taylor continued.

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